About Me



I'm (nobody), I created this website out of my pure anger.


Since day one Vodafone Egypt knows of my real identity, as I called them & said who am I & why i'm launching this website, but no shame they claim false statements about me. I have this call recorded & dated. Im Vodafone user and I HATE VODAFONE EGYPT. That's how far you fail.

  •  Vodafone Egypt liars.
  •  Vodafone Egypt didn't started/fused/sparked the glorious Egyptian Revolution Jan25.
  •  Vodafone Egypt jeopardizes our life & love ones shutting down mobile coverage & Internet during the glorious Egyptian Revolution.
  •  Vodafone Egypt network was not 'hijacked' by Egyptian Gov nor the ousted Mubarak, but by its CEO Hatem Dowidar.
  •  Vodafone Egypt issue fake bills.
  •  Vodafone Egypt deduct unfair usage of credit.
  •  Vodafone Egypt amount of call drops is unacceptable.
  •  Vodafone Egypt home ADSL quota usage is illegal.
  •  Vodafone Egypt mobile signal coverage is poor.
  •  Vodafone Egypt 3G coverage almost unavailable. 
  •  Vodafone Egypt BlackBerry service is the worst & the most expensive. 
  •  Vodafone Egypt compensations is insulting, I want what I paid money for.Defusing/Isolating angry customer buying him is cheap. 

About Me

o    I never had a job or relation with Vodafone Group or Vodafone Egypt

o    I never had a job or relation with Mobinil.

o    I never had a job or relation with Etisalat Misr.

o    I never had a job or relation with advertising agencies in Egypt or abroad.

o    I never had or will ask for any compensations or blackmailing removing this website.

"Why ignore it   ..    if you can hate it"
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