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Ronald Koukjian, Cairo OMD EMEA General Manger, Vodafone Egypt's "Media Agency" had to show his hate as well. The man behind OMD the company that made its way with VodafoneEgypt following JWT failure, took him 2 years in pain and marketing failure with campaigns like "Vodafone Shukran", "Vodafone The Selaawa" & "Monir" to blow it away today. He couldn't take it anymore..he had to show us his hate & anger and obviously how cheap he is!
 You only see it (Vodafone Egypt) successful because your only being paid by Vodafone Egypt, how cheap you had to do the marketing yourself online! I hope your being paid per tweet.. How pathetic!! Thats also called hooking & kissing ass you know?


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"If you think that no one cares about you, try not paying the bills" or pay it .. in COINS.
According to the story circulating online, Vodafone Egypt angry costumer from the city of Zagazig decided to pay his 6,000Le ($1,000) bill in coins expressing his anger, obviously 6,000Le bill is a huge figure considering 67% of population make less than $2 a day.
However Vodafone Egypt been well known for over charge bills as iHateVodafoneEgypt reported few weeks earlier screenshots proving bill deception.

Source: Mohamed Adel 
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