Where does my credit go?

Posted by Abdelbaset on Monday, 23 May 2011 in Why NOT Vodafone Comments
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Couple of days ago, I called Vodafone customer service cause the system keep nagging my young brother that he has credit that is five pounds or less. What is interesting is that I charged it myself, and I monitored his usage. One of the brilliant ladies there, who get paid for solving problems, said that sure I have already used it. Well, a day later, I called again, and a man answered me, he said no sir, you do have credit that is more than the five pounds. I said fine, that is good. Today, my brother made a call, and now he has no credit. The question is, how come a Vodafone customer service agent says that I have a credit of 17 pounds, and for a call I lose all of them, and the system keep annoying me with their stupid message? For God sake, stop saying "It is a system issue", guys, the system is not a creature that we have to cope with. It is a human made, and guess what, you gotta know how to deal with and fix, cause your system is a crap.

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