Vodafone new website (FAIL) Only supports IE

Posted by MG on Monday, 23 May 2011 in Why NOT Vodafone Comments
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Cant access your account on Vodafone Egypt new website? YES!!

Cant browser thro the website without getting "ERROR"..almost impossible surfing? YES!!

Well ..  yes thats because your using FireFox or Chrome, as Vodafone DEV team came up with a update using the international Vodafone theme and layout which means outta box package like "OPEN-USE" they dont do much for it.. , but even so they couldnt work BUT Internet Explore browser (Microsoft most hated product of all time).

 Vodafone Egypt every day proves how lame they are.

Hey "FOX Don't do this to IE, Vodafone Egypt still using it" DAH

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