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From shutting off the internet and mobile phones and sending pro-regime texts to their failure to take responsibility afterwards, we’ve been holding Vodafone accountable at every turn
, and now we’re taking the campaign to their annual shareholders' meeting. Sign the petition below and we'll tell their Board and CEO that you won’t stand by as they follow a policy of appeasing dictators while people die in the streets. Together, we can convince the world’s largest telecom, with operations in over 70 countries, to go from lapdog to human rights defender, and in doing so change the entire telecom industry. Access has set out a plan that every right-respecting telecom should take which we’re going to call on their board to adopt in front of a room full of shareholders. Sign the petition below and we'll take your voice with us to the meeting in demanding this change!

Dear Mr. Colao and Members of the Vodafone Board,

We call upon you to immediately reform your business practices in every country in which you operate to ensure that human rights violations like shutting off the Internet in Egypt never happen under your watch again.

 Its about time Vodafone Board hear us , Please click on the link and submit your voice.


Dear friends,

This Tuesday Access will fly to London to attend Vodafone's annual shareholders' meeting to ask a question directly to their board and CEO about their role in shutting down the internet in Egypt.

When Vodafone shut off the internet and mobile phone services during the height of the Egyptian revolution, we cried out. When they sent pro-Mubarak text messages, we condemned them. When they failed to apologize for their actions, we connected them with Egyptian bloggers, so they could see the human faces that suffered at their hands.

We've been there every step of the way, fighting for the rights of users everywhere. Now we have a chance to make sure that the largest telecom in the world takes action to ensure that mobile operators and ISPs won't shut down their networks whenever repressive regimes come knocking.

Access will be attending Vodafone's shareholders' meeting as a proxy for a group of conscientious investors, but without a global movement of users behind us, we risk being drowned out by the interest of short-term profits. Sign this petition which we'll deliver to Vodafone's board urging them to go from rights-abusing pariah to human rights champion.


While Vodafone may want its shareholders to think that the Egyptian communications blackout was an anomaly, that's not the case. Once again, following a request from Libyan leader Col. Muammar Gaddafi's regime, Vodafone's Libyan mobile network is reportedly shut down in many parts of country where access to mobile phones could be a game-changer for the Libyan people in their fight for democracy and human rights.

Given that Vodafone is the largest telecom in the world, operating in over 70 countries, they're dynamically placed to shift the polices and practices of the entire telecom sector. We've set out a plan that every right-respecting telecom should take which we're going to call on their board to abide by in front of a room full of shareholders. Now is our chance to make sure that network providers like Vodafone never again act as the puppets of brutal regimes!


Together we can force through real changes at the top levels of the global telecom sector and maintain a secure, reliable, and always online internet! Join us by adding your name to the petition, which we'll present to Vodafone's board.

With hope,
The Access Team

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