Updated:Vodafone Egypt - JWT "#VodafoneShokran" campaign backfired BAD

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UPDATED: http://twitpic.com/618gfn


UPDATED: http://lockerz.com/s/126771896


  #Cartoon - @ role in cell phone/Internet blackout -#VodafoneShokran #Tahrir
  #Cartoon - Role of #Vodafone #Mobinil #Etisalat in cellular/Internet blackout -#VodafoneShokran

Vodafone Egypt & JWT new Ramadan campaign (Thank You) is as worst as it can ever be. Yes the same mobile operator & advertising agency behind   inspiring the Revolution scandal "They never learn"

People hated the ad so much but VodafoneEgypt couldn't understand that.Another PR & Marketeer failure.
  It just happens that Vodafone's advertising material provokes me and though I tried to resist, Ramadan's airtime is heavy with competition, repetition and of course, advertisements.Said the famous Adversary Blog 
 Vodafone even went further with it lame campaign online taking it on Twitter,YouTube & FaceBook.People couldn't take it, started criticizing of how boring its but Vodafone went on YouTube deleting criticism even blocking my account and forbidding me from any future comment on their YouTube Channel.

   Last nigh people on twitter was shocked & furious as Vodafone Twitter account started a hashtag with #vodafoneshokran  (Thank You Vodafone) that was enough to trigger people's hate towards the ad and the company as people couldn't yet forget shutting down network Jan28 during the revolution.
However yes it did trend, but in a bad way .. people expressed how they hated the ad, the campaign & the company.
Internet cant stop proving day by day that social network belongs to the people not to corporates or governments.
UPDATED : VodafoneEgypt deleted its tweetaltPicture by: AzizShalan

SpreadSheets.Google.com  Hashtag #VodafoneShokran
Hashtag Analatics -Topsy   (#VodafoneShokran) 
Almost 3.2K peak in less than 4 hours.
Updated 13K in 10 hours & counting


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