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Vodafone Egypt introduced its Contact List number modification app to the public, However the app came with few more "feathers" which I like to call it "SPAM/ADS"
 Ops "The application Engezly (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again"
Well I expected it. The app is buggy,keeps on showing such error & slows my HTC Sensation phone (Android 2.3.5 Sense 3.5)
In-terms of durability the app dose what its says "Phone Update" but hey, what about the other features..hmmm! Here comes in depth details reviewing the Android version which (kinda) identical to the iPhone version.
-Updates contact list
-Blocked to International Market (Stupid)
-Buggy & slows phone 
-Most shortcuts calls paid services without notifications
-Number of users reported annoying MiniCall popups (toke them over 8 weeks to fix that on October 23, 2011 update)

App can be found at Android Market & iTunes Market
Developer house EME International

,jj resizePhonebook Update: Ya okay (PAID & not mentioned)
            Yes, it dose that .. as expected to, modifies your contact list to new prefix.


,jj resizeDirectory: Its just 888 & 2121! (PAID & not mentioned)
              Shortcut to the abysmal yet useless CSR (888)
              Shortcut to 2121, paid CSR including directory help .. again they haven't mention its paid 1.5le a min.
,jj resize"Payments": Its all about money isnt it?
            It has nothing to do with payments its just some shortcut numbers!! DAH
,jj resize Privacy service Ya right!!! (PAID & not mentioned)
               Voice Mail: (BLA BLA)
               Missed Call Keeper: Paid service notifies numbers called during phone out of reach. Free for 2 other operators.
               Call filtration: PAID SERVICE Not true! service should block desired number but yet they your still reachable by text and blocked users receives "delivery reports" How stupid!

,jj resizeShokran: Hate the word already
              Shortcut numbers to lame services like "Please Call,Please pay for me,Sallefny Shokran"  
,jj resizePromotions: huh! You guys have any?
              shortcut number 888? haha! so apparently their promotion would be calling lame CSR!
,jj resizeLive: What is that?
             Just a link to the international Vodafone Live service what is NOTHING check it out your self 
,jj resizeAlerts: SPAM  (PAID & not mentioned)
             Vodafone SMS alerting Service: (SPAM)
             Sports Service: What the hell is that?
,jj resizeInternational: Aeroplane logo?
             Listing international prefix! definitely useless. With such logo & yet doesn't have anything to do with roaming.
,jj resizeMini Call: Who should I kill to end that? (PAID & not mentioned)
              I'm sorry WHAT! Mini Call is a shortcut allowing you to send VOICE MAIL to desired contact. I personally never used it or received such lame thing.
,jj resizeCall Tone: (PAID & not mentioned)
             "TEEEEEEEEET" shortcut calling "5555" How cheap! they didn't even mention its PAID service.

Its sad & shameful how Vodafone Egypt depends on customer ignorance to make money.



Here are some screenshots of official Android Market reviews.

screen 20111030_0409screen 20111030_0409

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