Jimi said Shoukran! No he said "SUCKS"

Posted by MG on Tuesday, 01 November 2011 in Ha!Ha!Ha! Comments

  Mohamed Jimi, member of the band Salalem. The band behind "Shoukran Vodafone" TV ad song.. huh! OPS.. No, he didn't say "Shoukran Vodafone"  but "@VodafoneEgypt: your signal reception in mokattam sucks"
Jimi's complian came after 20 times complaining to Vodafone's abysmal network coverage!
     "Shoukran Vodafone" campaign been a complete failure & drove tremendous anger during the holy month of Ramadan..as the campaign based on people "Thanking Vodafone"! which lead to a massive criticism due communication shutdown during the Egyptian revolution.
 "Vodafone Thank you for WHAT?"

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