Vodafone Egypt internship program "The true story"

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nointBy: Nourane Owais
Original post at: zawaya.me

Here goes my story with the Vodafone Summer Internship Program 2011…

As most of you probably know, I’m a Computer Science Student in MSA University who will be graduated by Spring 2012.

My GPA is above 3, so far… so I consider myself a very good student (Thank God). I just finished my finals and projects and started my summer vacation.

An Online Application
So anyways,  about a couple of months ago I started looking for summer internships and job training opportunities to enhance my experiences in my field during this summer… Many Internships in well-known firms were available for students like me. One of them was the Vodafone Summer Training.Vodafone published an online application for anyone who would like to join. You basically fill some personal data and choose which department you want to get in. I normally chose the IT department.
I filled-in the application and sent it.

Phase #1 – Phone Interview
About a month later, I received a call from one of the Vodafone HR (Human Resources) employees informing me that they looked through my application and that she will be asking me some questions about my academic and non-academic achievements and that the whole interview should be in English.
So the girl asked me some questions and I replied, talked a bit about myself, what I do, what I like, blah blah blah…. 5 minutes later, she told me that this will be enough and that I will get a feedback via e-mail or phone whether if I passed through this phase or not. If I passed, they’ll let me know how to proceed to the next phase.

Phase #2 – Reasoning Test
A week later, I received a phone call from another HR employee… She told me I passed the phone interview and I have to go through a Reasoning Test (something close to an IQ test) in Hotel Flamenco in Zamalek on Tuesday (I can’t remember the exact date, but it was in May 2011) at 01:00 pm (in the middle of the day… the middle of the week and the middle of my Final Revisions Week at university!… What kind of firm that sets such date for students who have final exams?!)
I had nothing to say but confirm my attendance to the test… and so, on that Tuesday, I didn’t go to college, missed the Final Revision (can’t help it; I’m a geek who weeps for missed lectures and tutorials) and went to Zamalek to take the test.
We (all the applicants) were all gathered in a conference room in that hotel, took the 30 minutes test, then the HR employees who were there told us that we will be notified whether we passed this test and proceed to the next phase or not..

Phase #3 – Interview (Dress Code: Formal)
A week later, I received a third call from Vodafone -boring… huh?- the HR employee told me I passed the Reasoning Test and the next step in the selection process is to be interviewed (but this time, it’s gonna be face 2 face).
The interview was in Hotel Sonesta in Heliopolis (that’s one side of Cairo) on Friday at 03:00 pm and the Dress Code was Formal/Semi-Formal. I said no problem, I’ll be there…. pufffffffftttttttttt!

Unfortunately, that particular Friday was later on set to be a date for another Revolution in Tahrir Square… which means it’s impossible for me to go through the traffic and also may be unsafe to go out in the streets.
Anyways, the interview was postponed to the next Friday (which was my Final Exams Eve!) … Never the less I defied all challenges and made it to Heliopolis…See how much I sacrificed for the Vodafone Internship?! =(
I thought that this interview was the final phase of the selection process…. but poor ignorant me didn’t know that… It wasn’t :|

Phase #4 – The technical Test… THE FINAL PHASE!
7 days later, I received an e-mail informing me that I passed the interview and that I must attend a Technical Test in Smart Village, 6th of October City (and that’s a totally different side of Cairo!).
What was funny about that e-mail is that they bolded-out these words “Please note that this is the final phase of the selection process.” I think by that time, Vodafone realized that any Donkey who applied for this “Boring before it even started” internship
 زمانو بيضرب نفسه 100جزمة قديمة انه فكر يقدم فى فودافون… ده ايه الملل ده…هتودونى الجنة؟

(which means in short: Vodafone you’re boring, you SUCK and you reached the limit)

Anyways, I went and took the test. (For a moment there, I felt like I’m applying for the CEO position and not a summer training!)

(The Test… the test was 20 MCQs (multiple choice questions)… it mainly concentrated on Networks architecture and topology and some basic info about database and computers in general. The moron who put that test has no clue how to evaluate interns… anyways, that’s not my point today.)
After we were done with the test, I asked the HR: “When should I expect feedback?”… he told me they will reply to me next week whether I’m accepted ORnot. ( please notice that they said “OR” which means in English or any other language in that cosmic universe we live in, that they will reply to BOTH accepted and rejected)After we were done with the test, I asked the HR: “When should I expect feedback?”… he told me they will reply to me next week whether I’m accepted OR not. ( please notice that they said “OR” which means in English or any other language in that cosmic universe we live in, that they will reply to BOTH accepted and rejected)

I waited…


and waited…

no feedback…

I sent them an e-mail asking them if I got accepted or not…

no reply…

none what so ever…

the agony… معبروش أهلى

later on, I discovered by coincidence that Vodafone replied to the accepted interns few days earlier. So this meant, I was not accepted and since then I never got any teeny tiny feedback at all!


Dear Vodafone,

You phone-interviewed me.

You made me go to Zamalek for your Reasoning Test.

You made me go to Helipolis for your Interview.

You made me go to 6th of October for your Technical Test.

Don’t you have a descent building where you can finish all these processes?!.. Why make me drive the Cairo perimeter to attend your tests and interviews?!

Haven’t you heard of “Assessments” where you can complete the interns evaluations in one day… spares us and save time?

You forced me to make a whole tour around Cairo so that you could perform your meaningless 4-Phases Summer Training Selection Process that I am pretty sure was most probably and finally based on الكووووووسة

And you couldn’t even send me a descent e-mail telling me that you won’t processed with my application?!! How rude!!

You couldn’t send an e-mail?!!… It’s for free!!… Or maybe an SMS?!!… You’re a telecommunications company, it won’t cost you anything!!… You just kept me waiting and wasted my time  for nothing!! How rude again!!

You Promised me you would reply but you broke that promise. You Disappointed me Vodafone. You disappointed my poor dad who drove me all the way to Zamalek, Heliopolis and back. You even disappointed the Taxi- driver who drove me to 6th of October. And you never even deserved the 50LE I payed for that Taxi driver… I could have made how many mobile calls with those 50LE?


An intern who deserves a feedback

I hereby state that Vodafone Egypt’s HR are a bunch of total losers who don’t know how to do their jobs right… They have no respect for the students who applied for the internship and weren’t very lucky to proceed.
Respectful companies know how to evaluate interns and send proper feedback… Vodafone doesn’t.
And I happened to be accepted now in the Etisalat Internship Program and Microsoft’s Internship Program this year without having to suffer through 4 different phases located in 4 different places in 2 different cities for one lousy month of internship

Nourane Owais
Original post at: zawaya.me

I'm quite sad you had to go through all this Nourane. Its quite clear Vodafone Egypt has whats called "internship program" as part of thier marketing campaign, pathetic they do it .. wasting people's time and effort.
Thanks for sharing it online, helping others understand.

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