Vodafone Egypt sending 'Pepsi' SMS spam

Posted by MG on Thursday, 15 March 2012 in Why NOT Vodafone Comments

2012-03-15 18-13-57
Vodafone Egypt sending advertising SMS to customers, "Now with Pepsi & Vodafone, for postpaid customers, enjoy one hour for free daily"
This is not as some would call or consider "OFFERES" this is pure advertising for PEPSI. SMS origin Vodafone network.

I have previously noted to Vodafone more than once, that I don't want to receive such SMS SPAM, but they seems to unable to understand..Hmmm I wonder if Mr Hatem Doweidar Vodafones' Egypt CEO and his executive team receives such spam? Well, from now on I'LL MAKE SURE THEY DO.

Yes! consider this threatening..
 If I received a single tiny SMS with any advertising content on it
      "your mobile private number, home address & email on spam canon"
 Your last warning.
Vodafone Egypt executive board 
 "You spam my phone, i'll spam your life"

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