Vodafone Shop: Grossly overpriced

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As Samsung and Vodafone Egypt teamed up to promote Android phones, Vodafone started shelving phones..but sure without missing the chance of 20%-30% overpriced.
Vodafone Shop is never been for selling phones, and for those who believe they really can get something out of stupid "Points" system available by Vodafone Egypt YOUR FOOLED. Allowing 1 point for each 1Le paid (tax & service not included in calculation) 

 Vodafone Egypt Points:THE MYTH 

Vodafone Points            Value          
1000  30Le
3000 90Le
5000 200Le
10000 500Le
20000 1,400Le
30000 2,400Le

   So lets do the math, if your bill is 450Le a month your actually adding 391 points executing tax..adding on 450Le as average; 5,400Le & 4692 Points annually.
As according your only redeeming for the 3000 point for 90Le. So as you being a consumer paying around 400Le plus a month your only getting 90Le at the end of the year before "Points" expires (Yes they do) YES! only 90le to redeem from shop!

 The Misery
What makes it even worse you end up at Vodafone Shop to redeem your 4K plus points for 90Le after 12 months & at a grossly overpriced phones & accessories, like buying Jabra bluetooth for 200Le & its originally 120Le any where els..or maybe at retailer shop next door.


Price Comparison
SOUQ.com Egypt's Amazon.com alike website price comparison Vodafone Shop. All including warranty.

SAMSUNG Vodafone Egypt             SOUQ.com           
Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 White                 3,888Le 3,650Le
Galaxy Nexus 4,499Le 4,299Le


BlackBerry                                             Vodafone Egypt              SOUQ.com
BlackBerry Bold 9900 4,399Le (Locked) 3,565Le (Unlocked)
BlackBerry 9860 2,999Le (Locked) 2,700Le (Unlocked)


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