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Vodafone Egypt lacking intelligence especially when it comes to TV commercials.
   Vodafone Egypt released its 1 minute "Ramadan" TV commercial today using Samier Ghaniem & Nilly, both are over 60's in age as most young celebrities refused to be taking any part with Vodafone Egypt after its worldwide JWT scandal, taking credit sparking the revolution.
   The ad. is completely out of structure with no story board, no script, no message, no style, no humor .. with nothing to spark the audiences interest, but just "Thank You" as a slogan? I dont know "Thank you" for what? For being stupid? 
 Well, as Vodafone Egypt "Fail is what they do best" didnt stop only at producing such lame video, but also included deleting peoples comments on the ad at their YouTube Channel. Vodafone Egypt been well reported to be deleting criticism comments weather on YouTube or Facebook. However this time its screened and documented. My comments were deleted and my account got blocked from any feather comments on their YouTube Channel. How pathetic? 

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Someone making fun at Vodafone Egypt customer service representative!!

Only proves how stupid Vodafone Egypt customer service representative is. (Ostaz Assam)

Still question unanswered Vodafone , fodafone or Click? lol

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