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After the Jan25 revolution i thought i am gonna see the New, Clean, Democratic, Transparent Egypt. But all what i have seen is nothing but bunch of corrupted organizations trying to prove themselves in such a time. Climbing the success ladder was never related to corruption and unethical business. Helloooooo!!

Vodafone was my favorite Mobile network since forever, since they started with Click till they became the big famous Vodafone. I always believed in them and that they will never deceive their CUSTOMERS, their LOYAL CUSTOMERS who always thought that Vodafone is the best by far. But of course we have been fooling ourselves and marketing Vodafone by our 'Word of Mouth' that they are the best and everyone should switch from their current Mobile network to our BELOVED DECEPTIVE VODAFONE.

Today, i was sitting with few friends and one of us (who is using a diff Mobile Network) got a phone call from Vodafone Customer Service offering him to switch to Vodafone with the same old number, WHAT AN OFFER! Of course he/she refused telling them what's the deal then? changing my # only! What they responded with was literally shocking! They said no, not only this but we will pay your bill every other month for TWO YEARS no matter how expensive it was!!!!!! Moreover when we shared the story with couple of friends, they said that they also had similar calls with different offers and other friends too!

I was extremely surprised and disappointed, i never thought that they would do something like this to gain more customers or to ruin their competitors market share in the Tele-Communication Market.What Vodafone did was beyond breaking the code of eithics, it is invading it with dishonesty and deception.

It just proved that Vodafone is a dishonest organization who has no values or rules, who uses manipulative ways to increase their market share and who is definitely way far from being successful.

They should terminate it and start using legal actions against whoever owns this organization. We can not ask for DEMOCRACY AND FAIRNESS if we are gonna be surrounded by those kind of firms.


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