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 Hatem Dowidar Vodafone's Egypt CEO showing up at ArabNet Cairo conference event today, as a speaker. Apparently Vodafone Egypt had to sponsors the event to buy him a seat to showup onstage for 18 mins. 
 For 18 long minute Mr Hatem had no time or intentions to speak/mention January's 25th communication shutdown toke place during the Egyptian Revolution, He completely ignored it. However he was surprised to find a Twitter stream board at the event showing up "POSITIVE VIBES" as he said! Hmmm. Well, Hatem's speech mainly came to justify the million of dollars telecommunication companies make & how it boosts individuals! (YES) giving an example how mobile help "plumbers" do business!. The most embarrassing part came when Mr Hatem asked the audience about who use Bey2ollak app (a Vodafone's Egypt powered mobile application help moniter Cairo traffic) and NON approved. Mr Hatem missed the part that Bey2ollak app is just a #CairoTraffic hashtag screener with no livetime traffic updates.
 Well done Mr Hatem, couldnt have done this any worse.
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