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Vodafone Egypt introduced its Contact List number modification app to the public, However the app came with few more "feathers" which I like to call it "SPAM/ADS"
 Ops "The application Engezly (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again"
Well I expected it. The app is buggy,keeps on showing such error & slows my HTC Sensation phone (Android 2.3.5 Sense 3.5)
In-terms of durability the app dose what its says "Phone Update" but hey, what about the other features..hmmm! Here comes in depth details reviewing the Android version which (kinda) identical to the iPhone version.
-Updates contact list
-Blocked to International Market (Stupid)
-Buggy & slows phone 
-Most shortcuts calls paid services without notifications
-Number of users reported annoying MiniCall popups (toke them over 8 weeks to fix that on October 23, 2011 update)

App can be found at Android Market & iTunes Market
Developer house EME International

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