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UPDATED: If you think your the only one who doesn't understands Vodafone Egypt Internet plans, DONT.
Vodafone Egypt graphic team also couldn't get it..they even posted it wrong on Facebook page, corrected it & re-posted today.
Check Bundle number 2 MEGABYTES not GIGABYTES.

The ad from Vodafone Egypt Facebook page which suppose to explain the new Internet tariff & bundles.The complications to understand which is which, how your charged & missing information .. is more of rocket science, did they expect us to understand that? (No and thats their plan) I'll try to solve their tricks how they try to fool the user for more money.
Vodafone Egypt still doesn't have yet Internet PLANS, only bundles. 

    • 3LE*Daily Bundle (ONLY PREPAID)
      15MB for 3LE* & 1Le for every megabyte consumed over the 15MB.
       (3LE for 15MB Isn't that alot for 15MB? & what fooling me for 1LE for ever 1MB used? I wouldn't even notice if i'm over usage & charged for such tariff! Is there's an SMS sent to me as notification im over the 15MB usage or a code to use? So they'r only trying to FOOL ME) 
    • 5LE* Daily Bundle (ONLY PREPAID)
      Unlimited Internet for 5LE during 24hrs "Speed decreases after consuming over 50 Gigabytes during 1 month period"
       (Which means 5LE per day for unlimited usage..However if you consumed over 50MB at any giving day your speed is decreased for the whole month. For ex if you used 20MB today & 30 at the next 3 days you end up with slow Internet for the entire month even tho your charged/pay per day)  (The ad doesn't specify whats the decreased speed I'm served the rest of the month)*
    • 50LE* Monthly Bundle (POSTPAID/PREPAID)
      500MB for 50LE during 30 days & 1LE for every megabyte consumed over 50MB.
      (Again with the same system of fooling they never notify if your over the 500MB unless your willing to call 888 CSR & take the hassle wasting your time at least 10-15 mins on queue asking for your usage)

    • 90LE* Monthly Bundle (POSTPAID/PREPAID)
      Unlimited Internet for 30 days "speed decreased after 1.5GB"
      (How come its called unlimited & yet speed controlled?) 
      (The ad doesn't specify whats the decreased speed I'm served the rest of the month)*
What the ad doesn't mention 
All Internet bundles doesn't apply for BlackBerry or iPhone users.
*All prices doesn't include Value Added Tax (VAT) 


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Today I made it to Vodafone Egypt shop to find website infiltrating ;)
However the sad thing that even at Vodafone Shop there is NO INTERNET as you can see at the picture. FAIL
Vodafone Egypt completely fail at Internet even at their own shop.
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