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In a TV ad during the holy month of Ramadan, TE Egypt decided to drop naked the 3 mobile operators in Egypt and remind the public that the 3 current mobile operates did indeed betrayed us all and allied with Mubarak's regime and submited to an "ORAL REQUEST" and a human rights violation and cut the communication during Egypt's revolution Jan 28th. 

In the TV ad, 1:02-1:28 showing a worried mum anxiously trying to reach her son using her mobile phone with no hope, as communication is down, and in another frame a young boy showing out of the rubbles troughing away his mobile phone and picking a landline to call his mum on home landline.

TE Egypt is expected to operate a new mobile network within the few next months and with this ad, its quite obvious TE Egypt is openly expressing that it will adapt more of that confrontation in more ads to follow.

According to my personal estimation, I believe TE Egypt to gain more than 35% mobile share market in its first year only, depending on the tremendous hate for the current 3 operators, not to mention that TE Egypt will be the only national mobile operator and especially with Sisi in office which his views seems to adapt nationalism I see even better outcome for TE Egypt.


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Well well well, look who is here again? Yes, JWT. Vodafone’s Egypt client advertising agency JWT came this Ramadan with 2 different TV campaigns, one made by the Egyptian Olympic football team & the stupid "12 piasters.
The stupid 12 piasters TV ad which I literary until now unable to understand .. except the fact of showing as much TV stars, bragging they can buy them showing on TV making fun of themselves.. It sucks & humiliating.

 However, for some reason, Vodafone Egypt & JWT can’t accept the fact they lost Al Ahly club sponsorship deal and since, they are fighting trying to keep their foot in the football business, even if they had to buy their way with cheap tricks or with dirty money. Al Ahly Club already on sponsorship with Etisalat (Vodafone’s competitor) and according to terms and agreement all Al Alhy’s stars are prohibited on showing on any TV/RADIO ads except to Etisalat..but that doesn’t seem clear enough to JWT, as they somehow persuaded Mohammed Al Kateeb (Al Ahly Club Vice Present) on show up on one of their TV ads. According to the agreement, Etisalat immediately escalated expressing their anger and threatens to take legal actions. Mr Mohamed El Katteb had to save the day trying to avoid Al Ahly being sent to court and instead he sent his registrations to Hassan Hamdy, but according to exclusive, Hassan Hamdy refused accepting his resignation and giving the chance for Etisalat to sue Al Ahly.

One more thing, Mohamed Barakat (Al Ahly Club football player) appeared on the stupid 12 piasters TV ad, is he also admitting his registration?

Hey, wait..that’s not the only sad/funny part, check out website, reporting about the incident without even dare to mention Vodafone’s name, not even a clue, nothing at all.  wow advertising money can buy integrity. I hope you’re well paid Mr Kahled Salah.

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