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How dare. Amal El masry CEO JWT Cairo lying to us at Almasry Alyoum (Egyptian Newspaper) 

The video – which JWT CEO Amal al-Masry emphasised to Al-Masry Al-Youm is for strictly internal company purposes as a “case study” and not meant for public viewing.” Amal Al Masry said to Al Masr Al Youm.

"Internal compnay purpose as CASE STUDY not meant for public viewing"

This is a screen capture tagging the video on their JWTMENA youtube channel. Uploaded date APRIL 20,2011

 I wonder what kinda "Internal use,not meant for public viewing" Youtube channel would be?

Which part of public viewing she dosnt understand?

 Lies did't stop at such point. Video was also posted at Vodafone -

 website owned,hosted & manged by JWT team.As Google search screen capture show. Until Vodafone Egypt asked JWT & Youtube to remove it.

Well, Well well Vodafone Egypt couldn't miss the chance lying aswell trying to save whats left of its public image after cutting phone coverage during the Egyptian revolution Jan 28, Specially after which Vodafone,Mobinil, Etisalte Misr & few other ISP got compensated YES you hear me right they got compensated for cutting out lines Jan28 with 500 million Egyptian pounds.

Vodafone Egypt first denied any relation to this video "ANY RELATION", but later on came with a twitter announcement.

"Hatem Dowidar, CEO of Vodafone Egypt, confirmed that the company does not have any connection to this video and had no prior knowledge of its production or posting on the Internet."

I wonder who pays JWT bills? DAH!/Ghonim/status/76322188495560704

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