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Ana Mesh Vodafone Website"Ana Mesh Vodafone" is the title of a new campaign against the malignant Vodafone. The campaign seeks to expose Vodafone’s “Revolution Ad.” fiasco, which Vodafone worked so hard to bury in the beginning of this month.

They are attempting to do that through their website, which contains full documentation of how the fiasco unfolded in Arabic, and also information relating to other Vodafone “Falls” as they call it.

The launch of the campaign was marked through a short parody video that makes fun of the famous "Kewtena" Vodafone Ad. by Adel Emam, which was used bt JWT to steal credit for the revolution. The minute and half parody video was uploaded to YouTube, inviting the viewers to join the campaign’s via it's website and facebook page.The campaign has an online petition which the campaigners urge the Egyptians to sign, on the website, requesting an official apology from Vodafone for all it’s falls and the immediate severing of all ties with JWT, the advertising agency responsible for the Revolution “Case Study” Ad.They say their purpose is to gather enough followers to amount pressure on vodafone to apologize for the ad. and if that fails, they hope to intiate a boycott campgain.  

You can view the full details on:  (I'm not Vodafone)



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