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Vodafone Egypt continue whoring out paid services. As seen on screenshot, I received a phone call from "2121" (number registered to Vodafone Egypt Paid Service) a voice recorded message stimulating to use the Vodafone 2121 service, hence the 2121 service costs 1.500 LE per minute. Its a paid service being promoted & without mentioning its cost. This is a pure advertisements (SPAM) using its costumer data base to send ads.
Vodafone been reported dozen of times promoting for services and SMS advertisements with no serious actions from NTRA.





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Vodafone Egypt can’t stop using anybody/anything to make money this time its after the poorest in Egypt.Vodafone plan to distribute FREE 1 MILLION line to Egyptians farmers, according to its head of sales Khalid Riaz. Vodafone giving out free lines aiming for more users doesn’t matter the reason. I don’t buy what they had to say helping anybody, as Kalid said to Middle East News. his company expects revenues from voice services”

 Khalid Riaz, head of consumer sales of Vodafone Egypt, that his company expects revenues from voice services and the use of lines which plans to distribute to a million farms in the initial phase step to contain losses in the agriculture sector by sending important instructions for the farmer through the mobile phone.

This came on the sidelines of the signing of Vodafone Egypt, on Sunday, a protocol of cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture to distribute one million lines to farmers in various parts of the country to provide them with guidance and advice about the different crops they grow to get the highest productivity per acre.

 Riad refused to- Middle East News - disclose plans for more spending on this initiative. He said: "Vodafone is looking to expand this initiative and connect the line to about 6 million farmers."

 Its all about money

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