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From shutting off the internet and mobile phones and sending pro-regime texts to their failure to take responsibility afterwards, we’ve been holding Vodafone accountable at every turn
, and now we’re taking the campaign to their annual shareholders' meeting. Sign the petition below and we'll tell their Board and CEO that you won’t stand by as they follow a policy of appeasing dictators while people die in the streets. Together, we can convince the world’s largest telecom, with operations in over 70 countries, to go from lapdog to human rights defender, and in doing so change the entire telecom industry. Access has set out a plan that every right-respecting telecom should take which we’re going to call on their board to adopt in front of a room full of shareholders. Sign the petition below and we'll take your voice with us to the meeting in demanding this change!

Dear Mr. Colao and Members of the Vodafone Board,

We call upon you to immediately reform your business practices in every country in which you operate to ensure that human rights violations like shutting off the Internet in Egypt never happen under your watch again.

 Its about time Vodafone Board hear us , Please click on the link and submit your voice.

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 Hatem Dowidar Vodafone Egypt CEO one of the leading people behind the outage Jan28, Vodafone Egypt is 54.93% owned by Vodafone Group, Hatem could have refused to shutdown the network regardless the license agreement (bla bla bla) which they had to bribe to be granted the first place, He could have.. But he was doing his regime & friends a favour like sending us SMS to march to Mustafa Mahmoud square. I wonder if Hatem him self was there with his employees. (اسفين يا ريس)

 Why he is not sent to trial for his roll during the Jan28 outage? Why not legally questioned for his personal friendship & business relation with the ousted Mubarak & family? What about the Vodafone Egypt stocks linked to Mubaraks' wealth?

 Wasnt he the same person who helped Amn El Dawla listen to our phone calls? Wasnt he the same person who shipped million of dollars equipment to help monitor our phone calls and locate users and activists? Wasnt he the same person been related to business with Mubarak's Family just after Mubarak was ousted?

No, No we didnt forget Jan28 & we will never do..When you even had the guts to come online Jan25th tweeting "We didn't block twitter - it's a problem all over Egypt and we are waiting for a solution." 
 When we had to face bullets on our own, when we had to fight every one even who we pay to serve us, when young kids got shoot at couldnt call an ambulance. Ohh but wait your claiming sparking the revlution (can I use profanity here?) [TEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET]!/mosaaberizing!/mosaaberizing/status/76342458409168896

 In the time we are in anger towards mobile operators & ISP for shutting down their networks, they were compensated 100 million pounds ($16.8 million). ohh lemme recap that..So the mobile operators shutdown their network waiting for a winner to praise (Dosnt matter who people or the regime) [win-win situation]  and "MY GOVRMENT" (supposedly) paying them from my taxes 100 million pounds. "a seven a"

 Sounds like friends arent not yet to Tora.
Your not gonna feel lonely, too much friends inmates over there plus Vodafone Egypt has a new unlimited Internet BlackBerry bundle & 5,000 min to all networks for 1000Le plus hidden charges. I hope that will keep you busy during your sentence. Don't forget to follow and tweets.



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