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Consumer privacy laws and regulations seek to protect any individual from loss of privacy due to failures or limitations of corporate customer privacy measures . Dose VodafoneEgypt understand such statement? VodafoneEgypt (twitter account)..well isnt it against privacy policy asking costumers phone number online? Emm giving your phone number online is actually giving the employee (Where your live,Who you speak to, social security number & whats your bill amount of course) Do you trust VodafoneEgypt online employees? Good question lets answer it. Mr Mohammed Al-Ayouti Social Media Public Relation at Vodafone Egypt, went online using his personal twitter account "Giving HELP" to people online. Mohamed Y. Maarouf Tweeted to @VodafoneEgypt as he got charged for mobile Internet in one day for 400LE. Guess who popped to help? Volaa Mr Mohammed El Al-Ayouti

", Hi. I work for , and I can help. DM me details plz" 
 Poorly Mr Mohamed Y.Yaarouf gave his number to Al-Ayouti eager for help..But wait!! What about his privacy? Specially he has been asked for details by some stranger online? This is the delima ..Vodafone employees been allover online doing such job..regardless its really helping customers or not but its my privacy we are talking about here! Who gave Mr Ayouiti the right to do so? is this VodafoneEgypt privacy statement?
Links are available & screen shots in case he deletes them as they usually do.!/ayouti/status/99866090947084288

 No wonder we see such tweets online like this, I wonder what M.Hossamstory? Accouding to his tweet that some Vodafone CSR copied some girls number and been hassling her. (sexual harassment)!/zenky91/status/102029446973894657

The same thing happened to me I found someone called Ahmed Maher tweeting me from his personal account, after Vodafone twitter account failed to help me,  I found Ahmed Maher offering me help & asking my mobile number?When i went back to VodafoneEgypt account he was the same person tweeting i requested complian but nothing happen. Check out the email i sent to Mr Ayouti as apprently he is Maher's boss.

Good Morning Mr Mohamed, 
    I believe your Ahmed's (Ahmed Maher) supervisor, Today is my second visit to Vodafone Korba Shop.
Story begin few days ago on Twitter , I tweeted @VodafoneEgypt after a frustrating 3 hours useless phone call with customer service representative
tweeted im porting out after me narrating the phone call on my current twitter account ( @MaisaraGad ), @VodafoneEgypt tried solving my phone call problem asking for my number  to grab my Vodafone Account.I refused and insisted i will port outta Vodafone. 
    After half an hour Mr @AMaherz  (aka Ahmed Maher) Tweeted me .. Asking for my phone number,from his personal twitter account 
He did use his personal account @AMaherz asking for my mobile number, YES.
    I asked @VodafoneEgypt to clarify & identified @AMaherz with no replay, 
Wasn't that hard to find out he works on Vodafone's behalf, immediately I requested "Online Compliant" against Ahmed Maher using his position to scam requesting personal information  using my mobile phone number from Vodafone database. @VodafoneEgypt replied with a print screen from Ahmed Maher iphone saying "He was trying to HELP" which is pretty obvious he was the person using @VodafoneEgypt & @AMaherz .
I print screen conversation and Ahmed's iphone screen along with his tweets to me from his personal account as a living proof, next day Friday 22nd went to Vodafone Korba Shop with documents,meet Mr Amr not sure his last name "Henawy" I believe I told him the full story & I again requested a complain against whom called Ahmed Maher.
I was a sured that this issue would be taken care of just they would need time to investigate it until Sunday (today). I left the shop with Amr Henawy's in hold of the documents.
 Today for the second time as been told to come , meet Mr Amr Henawy & he totally have done nothing but calling Mr Ahmed on phone and asking to solve this issue friendly ?
Yes friendly.I refused to speak on the phone with Mr Ahmed and asked for top Social Vodafone supervisor after Amr Henawy started talking about Ahmed's accusations to me.
I intended to go Vodafone head office today at Smart Village but been briefed its a day off.However before I leave Amr Henawy's mentioned your name as Ahmed's supervisor.
without any information how to contact you or how.
Well this is how it started and this is what its.
I need a full investigation requesting Ahmed Maher scamming/frauding using his position capable of accessing Vodafone database information.  
If this issue going to be coved saving someones' mistake I'll not tolerate I'll take this as high as it can reach until a formal action been taken & official Vodafone document clarifying its situation.

Since then I havent got any calls YET. 


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