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UPDATED: Facebook restored follwers to Vodafone Egypt fan page, allowing the  900,000+ users back.
According to Vodafone Egypt the hacker had 45mins window in control of Vodafone's Facebook page which he was in fully control of accessing "Messages" which has customers phone numbers using facebook sending complains and phone numbers. 

Group of hackers called "Destructive Tornado" hacked Vodafone Egypt Facebook fan page, changed the display picture & posts comments declaring control of the admin panel. Action came expressing Egyptian anger for communication shutdown toke place Jan25. Quickly the fan page gained more popularity with thousands of comments in favour of the hacker "Thanking him" mocking Vodafone Egypt lame "Vodafone Shokran" campaign.However for some reason the hacker decided to delete the fan page which had 800,000 followers. Ewwww!! It wasnt before too long when Vodafone Social Team came up with a statement & re-creating their facebook fan page again to gain 1,155 followers.

"fans page was hacked by an unidentified person for approximately 45 minutes" "incident has no link to Vodafone's secure customer data systems"
Yaaa right!! Whatever. 
 Its obvious people of Egypt aren't giving,forgiving or forgetting communication companies shutting down network Jan25 jeopardizing their life's in hope of saving Mubarak's regime or their investments   

 Screen shots by @RamyRaoof@N_Pinko

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