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"If you think that no one cares about you, try not paying the bills" or pay it .. in COINS.
According to the story circulating online, Vodafone Egypt angry costumer from the city of Zagazig decided to pay his 6,000Le ($1,000) bill in coins expressing his anger, obviously 6,000Le bill is a huge figure considering 67% of population make less than $2 a day.
However Vodafone Egypt been well known for over charge bills as iHateVodafoneEgypt reported few weeks earlier screenshots proving bill deception.

Source: Mohamed Adel 
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mr Amr Badawy SMS

UPDATE: I called Mr Amr Badawy head of NTRA (National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority), the moment I said my name "I'm Maisara" he denied to speak saying "he's busy on meeting". Mr Amr Badawy is the head of NTRA which is the government agency responsible to monitor mobile operators. Mr Amr Badawy must understand he's legally responsible to question Vodafone Egypt regarding bills deception posted on here. Egyptians aren't tolerating telecommunication companies deception any more & government agencies must comply to costumers rights. Screenshot SMS sent to Mr Amr Badawy.Message delivered & i'm waiting for actions.

 Do you complain of expensive Vodafone bills? Ever felt over charged? ever complain of mobile Internet fees? Do you trust Vodafone Egypt bills? I DON'T  I always complain of Internet chargers, Always thought its not right, something wrong, something fishy, I can't be using all that! This time i decided to go thro my bill bit by bit trying to understand the chargers. This is a screenshot of my Vodafone Egypt online bill for July-August recived 5th of Spetember, As you can see at screenshot I have been charged 0.5 piaster for ZERO byte! & there is tow duplications of charges "Same date,time & data usage" they even had the guts fooling me charging 0.99 for ZERO bytes can any body explain that?
What you call this?  deception, fraud, deceitful, dishonest,mendacious?
                  Vodafone Egypt is stealing my money
Did you ever went thro your bills? Its time to.




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